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Did you know that...

  • bullying of all forms of violence occurs the most in schools?
  • 27% of the children in primary school say they are bullied? That's 6 to 8 children in every class !!
  • 4% of the children in primary school even indicate being bullied several times a week? That is one child in every class!
  • less children are bullied at secondary school than at primary school?

  • but that still 8% of the students indicate that they are sometimes bullied. There are 2 in every class! 

  • 2 out of 3 schools have a bullying protocol? ... But that bullying is just as common in schools that have a bullying protocol as in other schools.
  • 61% of the principals notice that boys and girls are equally bullying? 30% think that boys are more bullying and 9% more girls bully.

Bullying and internet 

  • 98% of the children in the Netherlands use the internet. 88% are at home on the internet daily.
  • 1 out of 5 children and 1 out of 3 young people are sometimes harassed via email or Social Media
  • 2% of the children and 3% of the young people say that they sometimes bully by mail or Social Media.


  • 1 out of 10 children are confronted with sexual harassement during chatting on Social Media.
  • 18% of 14 year olds have given their phone number to someone else while chatting. For one in five children, an unpleasant experience followed.

 But also:

  • 58 % of pupils in secondary school have ever helped a fellow student who was bullied. That is more than half!
  • 70% of students in high school say that their mentor has helped someone who has been bullied.


Wie is de 'bullebak?'

Bullying and violence at school ... Do you see the signals?


These figures are shocking enough to take a moment to breath. Bullying at school is unfortunately (too) common and can sometimes have enormous consequences for children. From callousing to hitting and kicking. Children often do not dare to express it at home. Signals can include getting bad grades, fear of going to school, complaining about aches, retreating to nightmares or severe depression


Why Ving Tsun?

Learning self-defense techniques through 'disciplined' frolicking and 'physical' contact with other children should certainly not be underestimated. But this is not the only important aspect. Also learning to stand up for oneself and others, winning self-confidence, as well as being able to stand against losing are important values ​​of youth training. By attacking but also by being attacked in a controlled situation, children learn to deal with different situations.

For children, it must first of all be fun to work out, socializing with friends of the sports club. Furthermore, it is healthy to excercise for the overall physical condition. You can not start early enough with that. By training Ving Tsun, the children learn important skills like; concentration, coordination, balance and speed. Also the general motor skills will be strongly stimulated by the exercises.

Leer ook 'NEE' te zeggen!

 learning to stand up for oneself and others


'Socially-compensatory-oriented education'

Ving Tsun knows no beginner techniques, so the actual content of the training is equal to that of adults. Of course, the choice of didactics is taken into account and the curriculum is adapted to age. Advanced adults are also still busy perfecting the same basics every day.

The teaching method is socially-compensatory, a modern term for education in which reproduction is not central, but where attention is paid to individual development and personal guidance. The children focus on in-depth knowledge of the learned material, but also the interaction with other children is of great importance.


Prevention Policy

A prevention policy is encouraged by the government and the NOC * NSF. Of course we also carry this policy and therefore trainer (s) and assistants all have a valid VOG (Declaration on Behavior) with screening profiles 84 and 85 (responsible for care for minors and people with intellectual disabilities)


Juniors group  8-12 years of age

The training of this youth group is technically at a level that suits the age. The lessons also claim aspects such as independence and activity and responsibility awareness. The training consists of 15 minutes of fitness training, 35 minutes of technique training and 10 minutes of controlled sparring. 



The youth members wear sports shorts and a t-shirt with the school's logo and indoor sports shoes (not out of scope) 


Zero tolerance policy

The youth members are informed about self-defense, when this is and is not allowed. Abuse of learned skills is therefore also punished with termination of membership.

A zero tolerance policy also applies to parents ... It is allowed to attend the last part of the lesson at the latest 5 minutes before the end of a training, but we expect the parents to let the children play undisturbed and abstain of "well-meaning" encouragements.




Jeugdsportfonds (Youth Sports Fund)

Children up to the age of 18 who live in families with little money can qualify for support from the Youth Sports Fund.

The Jeugdsportfonds pays contributions and necessary attributes up to a maximum amount of € 300 per year.

For more information, check out the Jeugdsportfonds site:



Parents and their children, or the sports club can not submit an application. This can only be done by an intermediary.

An intermediary is professionally involved in the education and care of the child. Think for example of a teacher or internal supervisor at school, a social worker or general practitioner.


Coordinator(s) Amsterdam: Kim Stoutenbeek & Levi Heimans - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

or visit https://jeugdfondssportencultuur.nl/fondsen/amsterdam-sport/


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