The combat philosophy of Wong Shun Leung


Een 'must have' voor iedere beoefenaar van het Ving Tsun, met name het Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun.

Dit boek, geschreven door David Peterson, een directe leerling van Wong Shun Leung, is een ware aanwinst. Vele verhalen over Wong Shun Leung, de man en zijn systeem, of zoals David zelf omschrijft; "Geen 'How to...'boek, maar een boek over de achtergrond van Wong Shun Leung en zijn methode."

Ook staat er een interview in gepubliceerd, die door Dave van der Poel met David Peterson in 2006 is gehouden.


Look Beyond he pointing finger, The combat philosophy of Wong Shun Leung



Enkele aanbevelingen (in het Engels)

"From the perspective of a museum curator, I know the power of historical communications. I can think of no one better qualified and prepared (than the author) to accurately prepare history's first biography of Wong Chun Leung"

Sifu Benny Meng, Curator, Ving Tsun Museum


"More that any of Wong's other students, David Peterson has dedicated himself to mastering, preserving and promotion the Wing Chun of Wong Shun Leung. The latest evidence of this is the fine volume you hold in your hands."

Bey Logan, Esq. former editor of 'Combat' and 'Impact' maganizes


"I urge people who are interested in Wong as a teacher, fighter and philosopher to buy and read this fine book."

Sifu Jesse Glover, first student of the late Bruce Lee


"Full marks to my good friend and teacher, David Peterson, for producing this fascinating and inspiring book. It is truly a guide to personal reflection. I respectfully ask all Wing Chun enthusiasts, irrespective of their lineage, to let go of any judgements and prejudices they may hold, and to look toward and reflect on the universal truths that Sifu is pointing to... if they can do that, they will be amazed at the insights that they will generate for themselves and for Wing Chun."

Rolf Clausnitzer, co-author of the first English language book on Wing Chun Gung-fu


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