Seminars Philipp Bayer

29 Sept-1 Oct, ZOETERMEER
15-17 Dec, AMSTERDAM
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The contribution will be automatically collected in each first part of the month. (A SEPA form needs to be filed for that) During the school holidays, the monthly contribution must be paid, as the rate is calculated on an annual basis. Cancellation of your membership must be reported one month in advance. The contribution goes on until the termination of the membership has been reported to the teacher. Obviously, arrears must be paid. Reimbursement of already paid contribution or part of it is not possible, upon termination of membership. If the student fails to inform the trainer(s) on their absence, the student will be automatically unsubscribed after 6 months. However, the contribution over these 6 months remains unconditional and will be collected by law if necessary. By signing the VTKFAE enrollment form, I declare to be familiar with the above rules and also to be liable for injury, damage, theft or loss of property, which may occur during or through my presence at the Ving Tsun school. Photos and videos made during traing can be used for marketing and/or social media usage. I also agree to direct debit of the monthly contribution fees and the annual association contribution that will be collected in November. (if membership was activated longer than 3 months before.) All information on rates is transparently published on the website: http://www.wslvt.nl 


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