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It started with me 20 years ago. I was looking for an effective martial arts where the fight would not constantly happens on the ground. In September 1994 I started my trainin

g in Groningen with Gustavo Nunez Sosa. It’s not that I have continued to train through all these years. Twice I stopped for almost 10 years. But it always pulled me back. It's a beautiful effective self-challenging sport.

Now I'm 50+ of age and I still think the sport is amazing to do. It's a lot more fun than lifting fitness equipment. At the same time you’ll learn to defend and attack. The better you control the techniques, the better you become. This is a challenge. Each training with Dave van der Poel is in a fanatic, respectful and friendly atmosphere. In everything you’ll see that it’s so much fun.

In addition, you’ll become a member of some kind of family with Ving Tsun. At least twice a year there is a possibility to attend a seminar. There you have the possibility to train under the guidance of Philipp Bayer with members of other Ving Tsun schools in the Netherlands. And so you get to know the family very well. And how beautiful is it to train with the best of the world! We know each other, respect each other and there is always an eye for everyone's level and progress. I can write whole pages about how beautiful I find it all,  but better you attend a trial lesson and experience what it's like to be a Ving Tsun practitioner.

Agnes le Clercq


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