• Sven… Are you married?


  • Do you have children?

Yes, I have 2 sons, one of them is training in the youth group.

  • What are your hobbies?

I love reading, carp fishing and of course Ving Tsun.

  • What kind of work do you do?

I am a traffic manager at a company in Harderwijk.

  • Why did you choose this sport?

I have always been very interested in Chinese and Oriental culture. And via the sports guide and through my son I came here.

  • How long have you been training Ving Tsun?

I have been doing Ving Tsun since April 2009.

  • Do you have more experience in martial arts?

I used to do Judo when I was younger.

  • How often do you train each week?

I train 2 times a week on monday and on friday. Occasionally I still do fitness.

  • Are you able to find a good balance between sports, work and private life?

Yes, I do. It works for me

  • How did you get here at this gym?

My son is training in the youth group and when I picked him up after each lesson, I thought that might be fun. So actually it all started trough my son.

  • Would you like to train more often?

Yes, that sounds very nice to me. 3 a 4 times a week would be fun.

  • Are you satisfied with this sport?

Yes, sure.

  • How do you feel after a workout? Do you have a relaxed feeling or still full of energy?

After a training, I feel relaxed. I can lose my frustration and energy.

  • Do you think this sports is sensitive to injuries?

Yes it might, if you do not stay sharp, for example.

  • Have you ever been injured during Ving Tsun?

Yes, I sometimes had a blue eye, a thick lip, my wrist strain and a little bit of my jaw last weekend. I have been to Phillipp Bayer's seminar.

  • Do you think this sport raises aggression?

No i do not think so. You know what you can do and then you avoid the situations.

  • Have you ever had to apply these techniques in a street fight?

No Fortunately not.

  • What does your family think you about this sport?

My wife supports me very much. And, of course, my son likes it too, because as he trains himself. Every now and then we ‘play’ a bit at home.

  • Would you like to see the classes differently? Perhaps more often, longer or more intensive or less intensive?

I think the lessons are very good. It is well-balanced, an equivalent level. The atmosphere is very relaxed. You do get the feeling of a very strict teacher-student relation.

  • Why did not you just go and play football? Why did you choose this sport?

I used to do different types of sports. I have been in Dutch youth team of Korfball.  This is so different. And that makes it so fun.


Editors note: Meanwhile, Sven has become an assistant and trains in Zeewolde.


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