Unfortunately I do not train at Dave’s school anymore, since I currently cannot combine it with my work as researcher physician. The ~5 years however that I did train at Dave's school while I was studying and started my job, were very good. Especially the following three aspects were very appealing to me:

Fighter mentality

The fighter mentality is something that often emerged from Dave's training. I experienced it in the intensity of the training. The reoccurring central theme was 'how to use the ving tsun system best to take out your opponent'. In addition, he taught to improve your perseverance; how to still go on even though you are done or exhausted. It is a great way to relief pressure after frustrating day.  

Continuous improvement

The fact that you always can improve yourself is something inherent to the ving tsun system. At Dave’s school, you will quickly learn some practical guidelines. Next, you can sharpen your skills and further expand your knowledge. This particularly makes it fun to continue training. You will observe progress in your own ving tsun skill and are able to help new students early on. 

Having fun

For me, the best thing about the training was the clear enjoyment from the group and the teacher. There always was a very relaxed, respectful, and no-nonsense mentality. In addition, there also were fun activities beside the training, like dining together. Especially this culture, with well-timed humour, makes it a very enjoyable environment to experiment with ving tsun and develop yourself.


Since 2020 Wadim has become the trainer of his school in Utrecht


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