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At Friday 15th of December for the first time on in the new school in Amsterdam West, Philipp Bayer gave a seminar. On Saturday, December 16, we changed location to Sporthallen Zuid to offer sufficient space for all participants. On December 17, the seminar took place in Purmerend. 3 days in topic of progress and continuity. Drills in switching without hesitation. It seems easy, but many people have definately experienced a 'brain freeze' these days. Many exercises to make the continuity ever sharper were practiced. All together 3 days full of enthusiasm and fantastic demos, tactics and drills.


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From Wednesday, November 1st 2017, next to the regular classes on Monday at Studio 7, an 'All Weather Outdoor Training' will be given weekly on Wednesday.

These trainings are accessible to all and will be given regardless of the weather. Feelgood outdoor training, in good weather, but also when it's raining, freezing, windy or snowing ... So for the real all weather' bumps!


Location: Vondelpark, near the outdoor theater.

Time: 19:00 - 21:00 (make sure you are on time)

Clothing: Weather-dependent. ‘Nice to wear’ sportswear.


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With about 20 participants, the first Ving Tsun training in Amsterdam West can be truly labeled as a success. This training was a first encounter with this great fighting system. The core principles 'centerline, triangular structure, simultaneous attack and defense, economy of motion and nearest weapon to the nearest target' have been discussed extensively. By doing some excericises, the participants also had the opportunity to experience them in practice. By demonstrations and explanations the unarmed and armed forms came on topic. But also training drills like ‘Chi Sau’, which teaches you to develop instinctive skills in response to contact and Bong Sau / Laap Sau, with the main purpose of quickly regaining the attack position. Altogether,  a much successful evening that of course was way too short! All participants thanks for attending and see you soon!

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Starting from September 18th 2017 there's the possibility to train Ving Tsun training in Amsterdam West. The new school at the Eerste Nassaustraat 7 (side street of the Nassaukade, nearby the Westerpark) will open its doors every Monday from 20.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs. In Amsterdam South the Wong Shun Leung/Philipp Bayer system was already represented by trainers Kai Metselaar and Tomek Aalders. Finally also now in Amsterdam West this revolutionary fighting system shall make an entrance!. The training courses are led by Dave, who has already been fighting for 30 years of fighting, including 27 years of Ving Tsun!


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On December 16, 17 and 18, Philipp was again our special guest at Zeewolde and Harderwijk for a great seminar. Topics addressed focused on continuity and sparring, also footwork and kicks were par of the training topics.. In addition to the drills, there has been extensive attention for the 3rd form; 'Bil Jee'. It teaches how to recover with as little damage as possible, for example with fighting multiple opponents. Starting point of the ideas of this form is an adverse situation where you need to escape because the situation is not sustainable or you are in an adverse situation yourself. Like every seminar with Philipp, his demos and explanations were inspiring. We were honoured to receive guests from various countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria and the United States. Unfortunately, it was also the last year we organized the seminar in Harderwijk, as the school ceases to exist in 2017. Nevertheless, we are continuing enthusiastically in Amsterdam West and Zeewolde


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