Is Ving Tsun comparable to other martial arts like karate or judo?

Ving Tsun is a style of its own and is not really comparable to other martial arts. Ving Tsun clearly distinguishes from other styles by neglecting elegance and using effectiveness as the main driving force. The centerline principle and 'explosive' techniques are the main reasons for this, as well as the economy of motion and mathmetical structure of the system. All is based on the actual battle.

Do you also have kata's or Pum sees?

A kata or Pum Sea is often seen as a shadow fight against an invisible opponent. In the Ving Tsun system we have three basic forms; Siu Lim Tao, Cham Kiu and Bil Jee. However, these basic forms are not to be seen as applications or fighting. More like a clustering of techniques and priciples.

Do you also have competitions?

Some VT, WC, WT etc. organizations do have competitions but the VTKFAE is not. Fighting with gloves deviates from reactions as they would become unrealistic and creates situations that would be unlikely in a street fight.

Are there any belts or rankings?

There are no hierarchical distinctions in the VTKFAE

In Ving Tsun geen banden!

The level of a student cannot be expressed in a single color. His/her level depends on his commitment and his training frequency. But also involves ability of a particular person to learn the system. It may therefore happen that someone who trains 2 times week for 2 years, has a better development than someone who is training the same but for 5 years. Additionally, each person is different. Keeping this in mind, it is impossible to have 2 people at the exact same level.

Do you also learn breathing techniques and meditation at Ving Tsun?

We prefer to focus on the combat system and pay attention to it. If you are interested in the above-mentioned issues, you may take some Yoga classes next to Ving Tsun.

What about official titles of adressing each other like 'Sifu', Sigung ',' Sipak 'and so on?

Some martial arts schools value to traditional aspects and use the Chinese names for example a teacher; Sifu or a grandfather; Sigung. It is a courtesy form. Within the VTKFAE, these traditions do not prevail.

What's the difference between Ving Tsun, Wing Chun, Wing Tsun Ving Chun etc?

Ving Tsun is freely translated; "Spring Chant". The pronunciation of the sounds of the Chinese characters from Cantonese to the Western Phonetic script could best be translated to "Wing Chun", but in Hong Kong, the Wing Chun was abbreviated to WC and was soon named "Toilet Fist" . Yip Man devised the translation 'Ving Tsun'.  Starting with the letter 'V' of victory (= victory) The Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong, founded in 1967, used this writing first.

The reason for using other ways of writing in the Netherlands and Europe; Wing Chun, Wing Tsun, Ving Chun, etc. are often due to other interpretations of the system and through different lineages that arise after the death of Yip Man. Like his son Yip Chun, but also Leung Ting, Wang Kiu and Wong Shun Leung, all have their own interpretations of the system. This created several organizations, too much to mention. Only in the Netherlands, there are the WCKFAH, NWCF, NWTO, UVTKFS and several schools with names like Wing Tjun, Weng Chun, Feng Shun, etc. All have their own interpretations into the Ving Tsun system. Also other lineages from before the Yip Man era are present. Unfortunately, between some schools and organizations there is some friction about who is the best, which system is authentic, etc. Unfortunately, the student is often the unfortunate one. Therefore, the VTKFAE would rather not mix in this kind of discussions and again concentrate on the fighting art itself. However, the method of writing, patented, nationally or not, does not guarantee the technical level, quality, or didactics of an organization or teacher.

Why is Ving Tsun not yet a famous system?

Ving Tsun or the styles derived therefrom are not really known in the Netherlands because the system is  practiced in the Netherlands since 1974. Moreover, the commercial intake here is not as great as with some organizations in Germany for example. This will ensure the quality of the system. After all, the bigger the organization the more commerce. This often results in less quality of the system. Stickers, keychains, bottle openers etc. may give a big name recognition, but this does not mean that what is learned is also technically correct.

 The VTKFAE is an organization that tries to stay focused on the system and not with all kinds of futilities and discussions.  

Which animals are linked to the Ving Tsun Kung Fu system as with other Kung Fu styles? It has once been said that the crane and the snake are the animals from which the Ving Tsun system is derived. However, this is not true. A Hong Kong journalist has thought of making his article about Ving Tsun more exciting. He probably observed, for example, the fak-sau movement of a crane bird or the tan-sau or fok-sau like that of a snake. Wong Shun Leung declared at a seminar in 1995: "My body does not match the anatomy of a crane bird, otherwise I could fly away, and the only body part that seems most like a snake I do not use to fight."

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