Ving Tsun Kung Fu is a martial art, developed in southern China, about 300 years ago. Reported by a Buddhist non-shaolin monastery. The art has been passed for about 4 generations. 

Yip Man, eventually decided to pass Ving Tsun on to outsiders and has taught it to many people interested in and around Hong Kong. He passed away in 1972. 

Undoubtedly, Wong Shun Leung was one of Yip Man's most successful fighters. He was therefore closely involved in the development of the Ving Tsun in Hong Kong. This is due to many challenge fights, but also by his famous student; 'Bruce Lee'. Wong Shun Leung passed away in 1997.

Philipp bayer introduced Wong's Ving Tsun in Europe in the eighties. Now, he is one of the key links in passing it on and maintaining the quality of this so unique system.

 'Logics and simplicity.'

 The resulting popularity is due to the efficiency of the system. Ving Tsun distinguishes itself from other combat arts by its logics and  simplicity. This makes the system still revolutionary. Its goal is to end any fight as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using logical mathmetical and physical principles, indicated by; 'Economy of motion'.

Also mentally speaking, there are many aspects that the Ving Tsun brings. Personality, logics and self-esteem are equally important and also applicable in daily life. You will learn to think in simplicaty, without detours and nonsense. Take initiative instead of waiting. Going for your goals instead of being overwhelmed by a situation.

 'No nonsense.'

 Ving Tsun itself is characterized by its soberness and no-nonsense combat aspects. It has no acrobatic or show elements like in  famous Jackie Chan or Jet Lee movies. These are beautiful to see but very unrealistic.

 "Strong and highly effective."

 The Ving Tsun combat techniques and aspects are designed to be equally applicable to a larger opponent who can also possess more muscle strength. Explosive techniques, simultaneous attack and defense and the centerline principle makes the Ving Tsun system a strong and highly effective combat art. However, the priority does not lie within the power of motion or extreme flexibility, but in the technique and priciples used. As a result, practicing Ving Tsun is possible for practically everyone, male or female, regardless of age. During training,  learning and perfecting is therefore central, so it eventually becomes a behaviour.

Ving Tsun is no art, ...... but a skill

(Wong Shun Leung)

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