Philipp Bayer

Like many, I was attracted to martial arts at a young age. The theories and combat training that accompanies these far east martial arts were more than philosophical to me 

and to many of my generation. The main reasons were the ability to take away the natural habits and behaviors of our own culture. But also new perspectives and opportunities for personal development. The only martial arts available were mainly the martial arts from Korea and Japan. With great curiosity, I practiced the Shotokan Karate from 1970 to 1976. Then my attention went to Taekwondo until 1979.

   'Advantage in many confrontations and challenges.'


When the first representatives of Ving Tsun appeared at the German martial arts scene, that made a great impression to me. The same effect as the previously mentioned introduction of Japanese and Korean martial arts earlier in that time. In many demonstrations and predominance in many confrontations and challenges, this original Chinese school put its footsteps into the earth. In a short period of time, it therefore gained a worthy position between the previously established Japanese and Korean schools. The effect of this soft but intelligent boxing style on the already existing setting of martial arts was as spectacular. For many of my generation this was a new beginning. My first acquaintance with Ving Tsun was based solely on some initial information available about this Chinese family system. It seemed like what I always associated with Chinese boxing. Without a doubt, I joined in 1979 (until 1981) At that time, there were only representatives of this famous family style in Germany. For me, this was the oppurtunity to learn more about this method and to eventually learn it as well.

 "A serious accident with the result the loss of my entire left hand. "


Philipp in Hong Kong

A serious accident resulting in the loss of my entire left hand led to dramatic conditions in my life, but also in the initial phase of my Ving Tsun career. Having long discussions with my teachers and trainers, I was brought to attention that in, view of my disability and associated problems, this would result in insoluble difficulties in my Ving Tsun.  This would exclude any possible further training. During this period, I felt that there was also no willingness to learn how to deal with my particular disability. Despite my great willingness, Ving Tsun to learn and master it successfully. The huge amount of money I had already invested was, would turn out to be worthless. lf I decided not to give up the Ving Tsun so easily. Saddled with this impossible assignment, I could easily settle my feelings. I should go my own way.

"I've put many illusions away from me."

My inner and outer Ving Tsun journey did not start until the fall of 1980 with the loss of my hand. Trusting on my willpower and research, I finally came to the school of my sifu and true Ving Tsun teacher. Since I entered his school in 1983 Wong Shun Leung had accepted me as his student. In the traditional manner and with all the consequences. He paid a lot of attention to my Ving Tsun study and became a problem-oriented teacher. In the time I trained at Wong Shun Leung, I put a lot of illusions away from me. I also learned important specific insights into the history and techniques of Ving Tsun. I can tell so much about this period, but there's just no time fort hat now.

'Ving Tsun has enriched me in many areas.'

Philipp met Wong Shun Leung in Duitsland

Nevertheless, I want to conclude that through the close cooperation with Wong Shun Leung, the logic, directness and effectiveness of Ving Tsun has become clear to me. It gave me perseverance, opportunities to explore new areas and new insights. But it also revealed the possibilities I had despite my disability. Even though it was accidental it also caused that I will never be able to reach specific techniques in my arsenal. As a result, Ving Tsun has interwoven a mental approach in me. The applications and productivity have enriched me in many areas. To a large extent thanks to my sifu. Wong Shun Leung's willingness not to overcome my specific handicap, but to deal with it, opened many doors to me. Researching, positive and fearless. Like Ving Tsun itself ... In conclusion, I would like to say that my interest in Ving Tsun and my friendship with Wong Shun Leung created many opportunities for me and support me back there to help others. A notion.

Philipp Bayer


Dave van der Poel on Philipp Bayer 

In 1994, I met Philipp for the first time during a seminar with Wong Shun Leung in The Hague. During all years until now I’ve seen the man grow to what he is now. A world-renowned Ving Tsun authority. Anyone who has seen his ability and experienced his knowledge, even by watching a Youtube movie, can only recognize that this is Ving Tsun as it was intended. In addition to a fantastic master in Ving Tsun, I have come to know him as a humorous and extremely kind person. One who can tell great stories, but mostly he is a doer.


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