daveufcAt a young age I already was fascinated by the many martial arts films of that time. Therefore, at my 12th year of age, I started taking Taekwondo classes. I was very fanatic and my self-confidence was greater than my ability. I kicked higher than my own head and breaking boards was no art to me anymore. I trained several times a week at a gym in Vinkeveen under the guidance of Cor Mastwijk. He became known in the martial arts world by his TKD demo team. Martial arts became part of my life. On my 15th, I met Mick Visser. He told me about Ving Tsun. I'm well aware that I was somewhat skeptical about it. I was convinced that Taekwondo was the best there is in the world. I asked him for the color of his belt. He told me that there was no belt system with the Ving Tsun system, but he was wearing a "flower" on his T-shirt (from the Wing Chun Kung Fu Association Holland). I laughed about that. 

"I was looking for a an escape route!" 

However, he hardly explained to me what Ving Tsun actually was alla bout, but always emphasized the effectiveness of the system. I had to come and see. In my curiosity I decided to go along and train with him for once. Still convinced of my Taekwondo, I received my first training. I entered the training room and saw a large group of people standing in a somewhat strange stance (the basic position, Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma). I seriously wondered where I ended up and I was looking for an escape route. After a brief demonstration of a number of Ving Tsun principles, my so-trusted world started to collapse.

"You can never say; "Now I know everything!"

Probably my puberal appearance was the reason why I was allowed to do everything I trusted in during my firsts sparring session; I could use my arms and kicks. However, I was technically unable to stand up against that so effective Ving Tsun. In my mind, only one thing came up ... "I must learn this too!" In April 1991 I officially began my Ving Tsun training. First as a member of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Associatie Holland with the system of Wang Kiu and in 1995 the major transition to the Wong Shun Leung system and a new association. Since 2005 I started my own school in Harderwijk and since 2008 also a class in Zeewolde. The location in Harderwijk was closed in 2017 and in that same year I opened the school in Amsterdam (West) In addition to that, I continue my own training at Ed Blom’s school in the Netherlands and with Philipp Bayer in Germany. I also train regularly with other VTKFIA teachers. That's how we stay sharp and most importantly, we can keep the quality of the Ving Tsun in the Netherlands at a high level. Ving Tsun never bores and in this system you continue to develop yourself. It is an endless source of research and development. It never brings you to a point where you can say; "Now I know everything."

Training in Menden, Duitsland
Philipp Bayer and Dave van der Poel; Chi Sau 


"To me, Ving Tsun became a lifestyle."

The seminars with Wong Shun Leung, of which I have attended two (1994-1995), are still valuable memories. I can firmly say that his system made me a different person. For myself, Ving Tsun has become a lifestyle that I can not live without anymore. 

'Teaching skills and behaviouris a great thing to do.'

I have always had the dream to start my own Ving Tsun school. During my tour (with the Dutch army) to Kosovo (1999-2000) I have already been able to taste this by training my military. They even allowed me a special kwoon on the army base. Teaching skills and behaviouris a great thing to do. In my previous position as (Military Instructor, Basic Military Training) I studied deep into sports science, didactics and leadership. I also have followed many workshops and courses in this field. My study of Higher Educational Studies in Educational studies also plays an important role in this. Of course also I have so much more to learn and for that reason, I also receive training on rehular basis. To keep striving for progress ...

Dave van der Poel

Philipp Bayer & Dave van der Poel
Amsterdam 2017
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