Ed was born in 1965. In 1982 he started training at Wing Chun Kung Fu Association Netherlands. Ed also practiced Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Aikido. In 1990 his Wing Chun began teaching in Alphen aan den Rijn. Since 1996, the school of Ed is located in Zoetermeer.

In 1994, Ed became acquainted with Wong Shun Leung and Philipp Bayer. This impressed him so much that he had completely and consistently switched to this system in 1995. The effectiveness, improvement and logics of Ving Tsun have been his inspiration by all those years. So a radical change of system and training method was therefore no more than logical. There was no doubt that he missed 'something before.' This ‘other’ kind of Ving Tsun really proved to be a total and complete system to him. For him a new era rised to him, where he traveled to Philipp Bayer twice a week. Even now, he regularly trains with his teacher. In 1996 he had the chance to visit China and Hongkong while competing with the "Dutch Dragons", during the dragon boat race championship. This trip gave him the unique possibility to visit and train with Sigung Wong Shun Leung.

According to Ed Blom, Kung Fu is for unlimited development, if at least you want to work hard.

Ed is responsible for the VTKFAE in the Netherlands and has been appointed as head coach by Philipp Bayer.


Dave van der Poel on Ed Blom

I'm actually training under the VTKFAE since the first day of its excistance in the Netherlands. However, in 2007, I was forced to make a very important decision. My previous trainer was removed from the VTKFAE for "unspecified reasons" and decided to continue on his own strength and knowledge. The consequences for me were a reason to break with him at that time. This decision struck me severely. After 16 years, I had to say goodbye to the many friends I made over the years. I finally chose Ving Tsun. Ed told me several times that he was willing to help me with my dilemma. At my request he introduced me to Philipp, who accepted me with a firm handshake. For this I am still very grateful to Ed. I regularly train at Ed’s school and some of my students also reached a level that they can train with the ‘big boys’. I love to spar and have fun with Ed and in my opinion he is one of the best Ving Tsun fighters in Europe. For that he is a great example for me.


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