Regularly we are asked if we can also organize self-defense courses (for women). This is certainly possible. For this we have developed a program that is aimed at realistic response in an emergency situation.

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It’s our opinion that not everyone in such a situation is able to conjure up all sorts of tricks that will not work in reality. At such a moment you have to deal with many factors such as anxiety, emotion, palpitations, trembling, tinnitus etc. Usually caused by adrenalin (fight or flight hormone). In our ‘Scream, Fight, Run 'program, we teach you realistic and' no-nonsense 'tools where the' escape from various scenarios' are practiced. We also practice several cases with a bicycle and a car. All exercises are focused on practical situations and offer possible solutions to deter an attacker, obstruct an attack and put him in the spotlight.

The course is given in 1 day and takes around 4 hours. Costs are € 50 per participant. After the course you will receive a certificate of participation. Maximum number of participants is 10. 

For more information send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Whatsapp to 0620436015. You can also click on TRIAL LESSON / Contact at the top right of this web page.



For companies or institutions it is also possible to organize a course on location. For more information you can contact us via the contact details metioned earlier.



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