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We have been fighting the Corona virus since March 2020. This has demanded a lot from our school and students. Both in patience, but also in various adjustments that we had to make during the training sessions. We think it is important that our participants continue to monitor personal hygiene and, if in doubt, not come to train and test. So far we have not had any incidents. Let's fight together against Corona and also take responsibility for others. This can be done through vaccination. We encourage our students to do this.


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Recently we again had the honor to organize a Philipp Bayer seminar in Amsterdam. However, the Friday evening seminar (only for invited guests) took place in Zoetermeer due to the unavailability of our own regular training room. The international interest was huge this year. Around 35% of all participants came from abroad. There were participants from the Netherlands, England, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Turkey. We trained many excercises on all levels, from drills to weapons. A very successful seminar!



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Last weekend we had the honor to organize the closing seminar of 2018 with Philipp Bayer. On Friday 21 December, Philipp was our guest at our school at the Eerste Helmersstraat  to provide a masterclass training to a small group of mainly trainers. The seminar continued for all members on Saturday and Sunday at Sporthallen Zuid. There were visitors from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, England and Romania. There were also some guests who visited the seminar from another Wing Chun lineage. Several drills were trained, but also the long pole and knives were practiced. We can look back on a very successful seminar. Philipp will visit us again in Amsterdam in 2019. So put 20th, 21st and 22nd of December 2019 in your agendas!


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After having started in Studio 7 on the Eerste Nassaustraat last September, we soon received the message that we were in need to search for a new location. After more than 25 years, the Municipality of Amsterdam wanted the building back to set up a school again. After a long search we fortunately found a good space in (Oud) -West where we can reside in the coming years. The space is suitable for up to 15 people to train and almost all facilities are available.


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