We start each training with a short physical condition training for about 15-20 min. The goal is to be 'Fit 2 fight'. You may be very good with your figting skills, but if you do not have the stamina to stay upright, or do not have the power to put  some 'force' in your attack, then the result of your fight will probably not look rosy either. Of course you are responsible for keeping track of your condition yourself, but at each start of a training you will get some handles for that. Condition = strength + endurance.


 Every physical conditioning workout consists of 3 parts; cardio, strength and some stretching exercises.

Each Monday we start with a series of 'jumping' exercises and on Wednesday we walk a small round of about 1.5km to give shape to the cardio part. Both completed with some variation to also create some fluctuations in heart rhythm. The strength exercises are focused on how we can best condition the body for Ving Tsun. All exercises are short and explosive and are repeated frequently at high pace. We work from top to bottom and only with our own body weight. You can think of push-ups, various types of Crunches, Pulse up's, Burpee's, Squads, Lunges, Planking etc. Everything is aimed at activating the body for a good fighting training!

Every first Wednesday of the month, we start our Vondelpark open air training with a 30 minute Bootcamp training. A great moment of taking it to the edge with some attributes in our Fit2Fight program. . We'll be doing challenging conditional tasks with the battle rope (a long heavy rope), speed ladder, 5KG ball, suspension trainer, jump rope, resistance bands or just with your own body weight.


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