The components that make the Ving Tsun system are:

The basic forms

Wong Shun Leung doet Siu Lim Tao

SIU NIM TAU First form. The basic arm movements of the total system are performed from a fixed standpoint. This form can be seen as the 'alphabet' of the Ving Tsun,. Many basic movements and principles are processed in this form.

CHUM KIU  Second form. The purpose of Cham Kiu is to combine the first-form techniques and to execute them while ‘stepping’ and turing. Also kicks are added to the arsenal.

BUI JEE The third form. This form contains techniques for escaping from hazardous situations or even losing the fight with a less as possible damage. And maybe even regain control. It is based on situations where one would not be able to use techniques of the first, second or wooden dummy form.

Wall bag training

This training is important because it gives you the opportunity to punch a target with full force. This would be impossible with a training opponent as he/she would otherwise be seriously injured.Wallbag training is also very useful for conditioning the wrist joints. After a fight, you often see that fighters have injuries to the wrists. This can be prevented by training the wall bag and shock absorption training.


Chi sau training

DAN CHI SAU Exercise where one arm is in contact with an opponent's arm in order to develop sensitivity and reaction speed. 

LOK SAU Exercise where both arms are in contact with those of the opponent. Again to develop sensitivity and reaction rate, but now with both arms independent of each other. 

SHEUNG CHI SAU Exercise where both arms are in contact with those of the opponent. Basic exercise before Poon Sau, but without pressure, to perfect the positioning of the arms. 

POON SAU Rotating the arms with pressure, which involves the perfectioning of the arm positions, and allow training of both attack and defense. 

GWO SAU Free attack and defense from the situation where there is contact with the opponent.



LOK DIM BOON KWAN Long pole form

BAHT CHAM DAU Butterfly knives form


Wooden dummy training

MOK YAN JONG Training certain techniques to learn to correct adverse combat situations, on a Ving Tsun specially designed wooden training device.


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